Our Mission

The mission of the Northeast Arkansas Home Builders Association is to promote and enhance the integrity and visibility of the construction industry and the members of the organization through advocacy, communication, and education.

Vision Statement

To be the collective pro-active voice of the building industry to insure fair legislation and regulations for the industry and consumer.
To be the recognized authority and respected community and business leader on industry standards and related business issues.
To provide continuing education and information to provide the highest quality and value in member products and services.
To provide training programs to attract and maintain qualified craftsmen to meet current and future needs.
To enhance the visibility of members? ethical and professional standards in providing quality housing and promote their credibility as industry professionals.
To promote and support responsible growth to maintain a positive economic future for the communities we serve.

Code of Ethics

The goal of the members of the Northeast Arkansas Home Builders Association shall be to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices and thereby promote the well-being of our association, our industry, and our Country through the American free enterprise system and by following this CODE OF ETHICS.

HONESTY: Honesty and integrity shall be guiding principles by which we conduct our business affairs.

FAIRNESS: We shall be fair in our business relationships, particularly in the area of pricing, contracts,  restraints of trade and negotiations, in order to give our customers the best possible value.

LAWS: We shall comply with the letter and spirit of federal, state, and local laws that affect the construction industry, and work with legislators to improve these laws. We shall also abide by the by-laws of the Association.

INSURANCE: We shall always maintain the proper amounts of insurance coverage for our business, employees, and customers.

SAFETY: We shall provide safe and healthy workplaces. Builders will construct safe and healthy homes and buildings, and comply with local building codes.

DESIGN: Builders shall strive to design energy efficient homes and compliance with appropriate codes and regulations.

QUALITY: Builders shall conduct construction and related services in a careful workman-like manner, in keeping with industry standards of quality.

PROFESSIONALISM: All members will strive to manage their  businesses to meet professional standards of our industry and continue to learn by experience, education, research, and networking with one another with a healthy competitive spirit.

WARRANTY: All members shall pay legitimate invoices in a mutually agreeable arrangement with all creditors.

OPPORTUNITY: All members shall be equal opportunity employers and will not discriminate in the sale of any of our products or services